What Is 585 Gold? All You Need to Know about These Markings

What Is 585 Gold?

Gold is one of the most precious elements in the world, aside from stones and gems. Pure gold is rare and it is very expensive too. It is often mixed with other metals like zinc, nickel, silver, copper, and cadmium because it is very soft and yields easily. Once it is mixed with metals, it forms an alloy. But whether an alloy has a low or high percentage of gold in it, it is considered solid gold. Solid gold, as used in jewelries have different markings like 750 gold, 417 gold, and 585 gold. The latter is the focus of discussion in this article, and hopefully you can gain enough knowledge about this particular gold marking to help you choose gold jewelries.

What does 585 Gold marking mean?

The number refers to the amount of gold (per thousand parts) in an alloy; thus, 585 means there are 585 parts per thousand of gold (which is measured by mass) in a piece of jewelry. This is how gold is measured and marked in Europe, while the more popular markings that use Karat are used in United States and other countries. 585 in gold means there are 58.5 % of gold in a particular jewelry, and so the remaining 41.5 % is made of other metals. It is equal to 14 karat gold. Having more than 50% gold content in a jewelry piece still makes it valuable.

Variations of gold

As mentioned earlier, gold needs to be mixed with other metals to form an alloy. The formed alloys vary depending on the metal mixed with the gold. For instance, yellow gold is formed when you mix gold, copper and silver. You can also find glamorous rose gold jewelries, which are a mixture of gold and copper. A mixed gold, zinc, and silver can form a beautiful green gold jewelry. The latter can be replaced with cadmium, though. On the other hand, a white gold is formed when gold is added to paladin or nickel. These are just some variations of gold that you can find in the market, but whatever color, size and shape of jewelry, it could still be marked as 585 gold as long as it contains the said amount of gold in it.

Knowing the amount of gold in your jewelries is important as it can help you understand its value. You would be able to appreciate your gold jewelries even more and it can be more valuable in the future if you have plans to sell it. So whatever color or form of jewelry you have, check if it has numerical markings in it to know its gold content.

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