585 gold – Tips in Buying and Selling Gold

Gold is a very precious element that lasts for hundreds and thousands of years. It has been used since the ancient times by kings and pharaohs, and even up to these days, the beauty of gold has never faded. The market is full of interested buyers who are often confused with the price of gold. Because of this, more dishonest people tend to sell gold for a higher price, while they actually acquired it for a very low price. To avoid these circumstances, here are some tips in buying and selling of gold:

Know where to buy gold

There are many places where you can buy gold. The internet is one of the best places to look for it because you can update yourself as well on the spot gold prices. Once you are properly informed of this, you will not be fooled by those people. You can buy a 585 gold jewelry at an affordable price on the internet, however, be sure that it really contains 58.5% gold. You can check if it is stamped with 585 or 14 K. Another good place to look for gold is in your local jewelers. You can personally check on the jewelry piece and at the same time you can get discounts too. You can save from the hassles due to shipping, etc. But remember, wherever you choose to buy gold, it is important that you know about your jewelry first, especially its gold content.

Selling your gold that cheap?

If you are going to sell gold jewelry, check the internet for the daily rates of gold in the market. This could help you make a ceiling or standard price for your item. Do not deal with people who are trying to buy it below the price you set. Though they may argue that they are only after the gold content of the jewelry, still, other stones and gems attached to it have corresponding values which are included in the price you have set. As of today, prices of gold ranges from $1, 700 to $1, 900 (depending on the gold content), so be sure that your price ranges from these values too. You can use free online gold calculators as well for a more efficient computation of the cost.

Some sites online also buy scraps of gold. You can also earn some cash out of it if you choose carefully whom or where to sell your gold.

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